In Memory of Karen


This blog is special to us and is an article that was in our recent newsletter. It is dedicated to the memory of Karen Lacey, one of our esteemed customers.

When we opened in November 2019, we set up to be excellent at customer service. Good customer service is sadly missing in much of today’s world, and we wanted to bring it back to our little corner of the world.

Karen came into the business around 10.00 hrs one morning, and she was tired. In the conversation that ensued we found out that Karen was a nightshift worker at the gas plants on Teesside. She would finish work at 06.45 hrs, go home, get a few hours sleep then come to us to buy material. She would then go back and get more sleep before that next night shift, I.E., broken sleep.

We told Karen that if she let us know when she was planning to visit, we would open at 06.30hrs, she could then visit, have a coffee, buy her fabrics, and then go home and get a full day’s sleep.

We did this a few times for Karen and this spawned the idea that we will open for any customer at a time suitable to them. This still applies now.

One of the projects that Karen was planning was to make a bed runner for her daughter, Collette’s 40th Birthday in 2023. We helped Karen with this in 2020 and 2021.

Unfortunately, Karen’s cancer returned in 2022 and again in 2023. A dying wish was to have this bed runner finished for Collette, but Karen was too ill to do this and went into hospice care.

With the guidance of Karen’s friend, Lesley, we finished the bed runner for Collette. The bed runner has on it, memories, sentimental photos, school clothes, embroidery, and more, with memories precious to both Karen and Collette.

Sadly, Karen passed away earlier this year without seeing the finished item but the updates we provided to Karen, while she was ill, via her friend Lesley, made her happy in that 2-week period before her death.

Karen left an enduring impression on Amanda and I and will do for many years to come. Every time we open for a customer at the oddest hours Karen will be part of that and in our memories.

Collette received the bed runner on her 40th birthday, this July.

Rest in peace Karen, you were a gem of a person.

Alan & Amanda

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