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We stock accessories in a wide range at Alan Teather Quilting. These will ultimately help you enjoy the magical world of quilting. We started business on the premise of offering the best we can. Alan Teather Quilting tries to stock the premium end of Accessories. because in quilting, buy cheap buy twice has never been truer. We stock items like Olfa rotary cutters, replacement blades in 28mm and 45mm rulers and cutting mats. Alan Teather Quilting also stock rulers and templates by Creative Grids and Sew Easy and threads by Aurifil and Mettler.

We have tried several cheaper products such as rotary cutters, blades, and cutting mats. In our humble opinion, these fail badly when compared to Olfa. Tools you buy now may be more expensive but will if looked after outlast many cheaper versions for a long time. Olfa blades are designed to work with Olfa cutting mats and last longer together so you replace blades and mats much less frequently. Alan only recently replaced his original cutting mat and ruler bought over 15 years ago. They did not need replacing but it is nice to treat oneself now and then.

Other accessories.

We do stock products that are not made by companies like Olfa simply because they are not in their range. We stock rotating mats by Crafters dream in 4 different colours and bag patterns by Mrs H. Quilt as you go products by June Tailor are on our site along with ruler stands by Millward.


At Alan Teather Quilting we want to support you in your own magical world of quilting. If there are products that you want us to stock, then please let us know. If it is possible, we will get them for you.

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