Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a beautiful, traditional form of a countdown to the Festive season’s big day! The use of an Advent calendar began in the early 19th Century with the Lutherans. 

At Alan Teather Quilting, we have advent calendars for you to make. With this intention, these we offer, use 2 different methods of making. One method is the traditional form of box pleats to attach the pockets to the backing. By the same token, a favourite this year is a simple fold-up and stitch version.


These are easy to do and if you desire, you can back the main panel with some wadding and fabric. You could quilt this before adding the box pleats onto the front in the traditional version. The easy sew, version of Advent Calendars could see the whole piece quilted. then you fold the pockets up and stitch to make the finished piece.

Consequently, it will be a more substantial heirloom piece of work for you to hand down. You just add to the back of the project a name tag or a name and date tag. That can help future generations who want to do family Genealogy.

Depending on your level of sewing skills we know there is one for you. Even if you have never threaded a needle, we are confident that you could make an advent calendar this year. Of course, if you think you are totally hopeless at sewing, we can help. You can make one in a workshop or a sewing session to suit your diary.

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