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This is where you and I get to play with our imaginations and wishes. Have you always wanted a quilt for your bed or as a wall hanging or even a gift ?  then I am your man. Some people are so busy they do not have the time needed or even wish to plan a quilt. The endless choices of fabric, stitching, wadding size and more is heaven for an anorak like me. If you would rather have a beautiful finished product then I can help.


We can sit down and talk with a cuppa and design a quilt for you. We can pick fabrics, threads to use, designs you like, any historical content and much more. This is not a quick process like going into the shop and buying something made in China. It would not cost £50 either.

If I make a quilt for you it would be a labour of love. The same as if I were to use it on my bed or give it to a loved one.

Never repeated

Custom Made Designer Products such as quilts made by Alan Teather Quilting would be unique to you and ONLY YOU. It would be the only one in the world like it. The fabrics and waddings would be of the highest quality and the finish excellent. I would assure you of the highest integrity and, where possible work to your deadlines.

If you want a present for a loved one, or even a treat for yourself but are finding it difficult then I can help you.

Please contact me for a chat.

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