English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing or EPP.

English paper piecing has a long and important history. This has spread around the world and spawned many new designs and directions for sewing fabric around a paper template.


History researchers have found a quilt made with hexagon templates that is dated to the 1770’s in England.

Furthermore, by the early 1830’s hexagon templates were popular in England. From here, it went worldwide and found a particular niche market in Illinoi, USA. The Illinois State Museum’s quilt collection includes some unique quilts made with hexagon blocks.

Albert Small and Bertha Stenge who were two Illinois quilters. These were instrumental in the 1930’s and 40’s when they decided to invent their own designs using hexagon templates.


Of course today we can buy  ready made templates. Generally, we are all for the modern age but with EPP there is the historical aspect to consider. Above all, using paper or card that you have cut with your own hands still has a lot of meaning.

Slow sewing.

English Paper Piecing is also updated to a modern concept with the “slow sewing movement” of recent years. The use of English Paper Piecing, or EPP is ideal for slow stitching. You can stitch at a slow pace which can be meditative or mindful and a real joy. To create a beautiful product which takes time, effort and, in most cases, a lot of love can be sensational.

Why not have a go with some of our larger sized Hexagons to make a cushion for a loved one? EPP could make a stunning table centre for the holiday season or any of the special occasions in your life.

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