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Children & Young Adults Fabrics are loved the world over. Do you know of any children that like dinosaurs, pirates, fairies, outer space or animals? Of course you do! We have them all and you are in the right place.

In our children and young adults’ section, we have fabrics suitable for different genders and ages. From dinosaurs and dragons, pirates and fairies to rocket ships and aliens from outer space. Along with elephants in balloons and fire breathing dragons ready for St George to quench his fire. There are multitudes to choose from.

Fabric Panels

Likewise, with these fabrics, there is a range of Children & Young Adults Fabric panels that could easily make the base for a fantastic quilt, wall hanging, or playmat. Furthermore, these fabrics and many more would be prime candidates to make toy bags, book bags, or EVEN secret swag bags where boys and girls keep their most precious of precious toys and collections.

Cuddly Flannel fabric

In addition to these delicious fabrics outlined above, for the incredibly young ones we have a selection of cuddly flannel fabrics by Robert Kaufman.  Although these fabrics are not suitable for children’s nightwear and should not be near naked flames or fires, they would be great as a playmat or as a backing for a playmat.  Similarly, they would make great, super comfy baby wraps for when your little precious one has a nice bath.

There are various designs which include giraffes, koalas in Pink, Green and Blue, bicycles, flowers and more, why not check them out here.

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