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Here you will find our pre-cuts such as Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Charm packs, Mini charm packs, and Custom packs. These are a really good way to buy all the fabrics in a specific collection to make a cost-effective quilt. With that in mind, if you take a Layer Cake of 42 pieces, each of 10″ square from the same collection.

This could, depending on your cuts, make a quilt of 57″ wide by 66.5″ long without any borders or sashing.
Pre-cuts also save a lot of wastage because the size can ultimately be cut in so many different ways.

Charm packs.

Charm packs and mini charm packs are similar to the Layer cakes except in smaller sizes. Essentially, Charm packs are 5” squares and mini charm packs are 2.5” square. All our charm packs come with 42 pieces of fabric from the same collection.

Jelly rolls.

Jelly rolls are strips of fabric cut the width of the fabric of 42” long by the width of 2.5”. This again is the full collection of the fabric design like the layer cakes and charm packs. If there are less than 42 different designs in the collection some fabrics will be duplicated.

Custom pre-cuts.

As time rolls on quilter’s hands can get a bit gnarley. With this in mind, people often give up on the magical world of quilting. To help stave off this day Alan Teather Quilting can cut a pack of fabric for you. all we require is you contact us and we can discuss how we can help you.


All these pre cuts can be cut down to a usable size such as 2.5”.

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