Liberty Summer House

Liberty Summer House Collection

Liberty’s of London is renowned for quality and beauty and The Liberty Summerhouse Collection does not disappoint.

Quilting, which is becoming ever more popular in the 21st century continues that age-old connection between fabric and sewer. With many more people having time on their hands recently, quilting seems to be the go-to hobby.  It helps to keep us busy with many different mediums to be able to indulge our passion.  Perhaps this is due to its relaxing qualities, but once started it easily becomes quickly addictive.  Not to mention a great way to show off your skills.  Quilters will soon become S.T.A.B.L.E. (Stash. That’s. Accumulated. Beyond. Life. Expectancy.)

This wonderful collection from the Liberty Fabrics design studio drew inspiration from the interiors of 17th and 19th-century orangeries. The Summer House collection shows the grand architecture of these structures.  The collection pays tribute to the details of decorative tiled flooring, ironworks, and trellises.  Likewise, artworks are turned into informal prints inspired by citrus fruits, plants, and vines.  Similarly, while floral geometric designs evoke the forms of intricate tiles.

Summer House is available in different colourways.  Particularly, offering a tonal palette that goes from neutrals to blues with hints of citrus tones and warm reds.

Here at Alan Teather Quilting, we have 22 bolts from the collection.  Especially in colours that are sure to fill your needs for your next quilt excursion into the magical world of quilting.

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