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Makower Fabrics are one of the UK’s leading fabric suppliers of 100% cotton fabrics for patchwork and quilting.  Furthermore, they supply retailers, manufacturers, and worldwide distributors.  In addition, Makower UK also distributes Andover Fabrics and Island Batiks in Europe.

Makower Fabrics has an extensive collection of solid dyes, textures and printed fabrics distributed from their factory in Maidenhead.


One of Makower’s most popular solid dye collections is Spectrum from the Basics Collection with over 60 different colours.  At Alan Teather Quilting we have a small selection of these colours but are constantly adding to these.  If there is a colour you like from this range, and we haven’t got it in stock, please contact us and we can get it for you.  As a rule, Makower keep this at their warehouse so they can be shipped to us immediately.

As well as solid dyes Makower Fabrics do a range of printed fabrics from many different designers including Alison Glass and Edyta Sitar.

Collections range from seaside images such as the Sail Away Collection (which we understand is no longer available for distribution.)  However, we have this collection in stock now, so why not have a look and get it while stocks last.

Not only are Makower fabrics really good quality but the colours are vibrant.  Incidentally, they do a lovely range of Christmas fabrics including the popular Scandi.  We will be stocking from these collections later in the year.  They also have a popular range of Advent Calendars. In particular, one that did well for us is out of stock of at the moment.  Advent Calendar Let It Snow Santa’s Workshop was so popular with quilters that Makower have done a reprint.  It will be available on our website later in the year.

We like the fabrics we purchase from Makower and have more new collections on order, one of which is by Edyta Sitar. So keep your eyes peeled in the Makower category of our fabrics section to see what we have.

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