LongArm Quilting

Longarm quilting.

Longarm Quilting at Alan Teather Quilting is done on a HQ Avante machine with a large 12-foot long Studio Frame affectionately called “The Beast”. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service and attention to detail.  To see examples of our work, please click here.

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For more detailed information we would be pleased if you could go to our long arm quilting page.

COT (up to 40” x 40”)                                                     £57.00

SMALL (up to 50” x 60”)                                              £102.00

LAP (up to 60” x 70”)                                                   £130.00

LARGE LAP (up to 65” x 80”)                                      £162.00

SINGLE (up to 70” x 90”)                                             £195.00

LARGE SINGLE (up to 80” x 95”)                                £235.00

DOUBLE (up to 90” x 100”)                                         £259.00

KING (up to 95” x 105”)                                                £299.00

LARGE KING (up to 106” x 110”)                               £349.00

XL (up to 120” x 120”)                                                  £475.00

(all above prices are approximate)


Making Binding – £0.85 per linear ft
Binding – Machine Stitched on Top left for you to finish – £1.60 per linear foot plus the cost of fabric.
Machine stitched Top – Handstitched reverse – £3.50 per linear foot plus the cost of fabric.
Squaring Top – £5.00
Repairs to Quilt Top – £5.00
Basting – 1.5 pence per square inch – minimum charge £60.00

It is always better to have a cup of tea and a chat whether in person or over the phone so we can discuss your requirements.

We have also been informed by Aurfil that as well as being Aurifil Silver dealers, at the moment we are the sole stockists in the UK and Europe of their Fort y/3Cones. The newest of Aurifil’s Cotton threads, Forty3 was introduced in 2017. It is a 40wt, 3ply thread made specifically to handle the rigor of today’s high-speed, high-tech Longarm machines. It has all the versatility and lustrous color of the original 40wt, with the added benefit of extra strength. It is currently available in 50 of our Cotton colours. This thread is perfect for longarm quilting but is also a star for garment sewing, bag-making, domestic machine sewing, and more.
Machine Embroidery, Quilting, Thread Painting, Decorative Stitching, Satin Stitching, Decorative Appliqué, Garment Sewing
Needle Recommendations:
• 90/14 or 100/16 Topstitching Needle (50wt or 40wt in the bobbin)
• 4.0 or 4.5 Longarm Needle (50wt or 40wt in the bobbin)

73 Colours all available in our shop.
3280 yards – 3000 mt

Aurifil Cotton Forty3

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