Wadding supplies for quilting have grown substantially over the last few years.

The range has become quite extensive for quilters and this can only be a good thing.


Of course, the old staple of 80/20, 80% cotton and 20% polyester has been the staple go to for many quilters. For the most part, it should be, as it is a wonderful choice for wadding.  Some more specialist waddings are now becoming mainstream. These are wool, wool/cotton blend, bamboo, bamboo/cotton blend, recycled cotton/polyester blend, insulated blend. Added to this wide array are two very new waddings which are bleached white and black. These are quite hard to find but we have them on sale here at Alan Teather quilting.


With so many people living with allergies we have decided to stock waddings to cater for quilters for allergies. Accordingly, in stock, are the wool, wool/cotton blend, bamboo, and bamboo/cotton blends. This is so quilters have at least 4 choices to remove any synthetic waddings from their creations. Feedback shows they are very much highly sort after for people who want a totally synthetic free quilt.

Environmental concerns.

Environmental concerns of waste in the textile and craft area is a concern and starting to rise. Wadding supplies for quilting with environmental concerns are catered for with the 70/30 blend that we stock. The recycled blended wadding is 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester. This is a totally recycled product which is a lovely wadding to work. Consequently, this addresses some of the concerns of waste in the textile market and makes great quilts.

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