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Dilkara 108″ Wide back fabric designed for backing quilts.


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Wide back fabric

Wide back fabric from Nutex is always special. This wide back fabric is called Dilkara. It could mean rainbow or rainbow serpent. There are approximately 250 different dialects in the Aboriganal English language so trying to translate this word into English is not truly possible.

Dilkara, whatever the meaning in English is a truly wonderful fabric to own.

A brilliant multi-coloured fabric designed in an indigenous Australian-style theme print.  It has images of Kangaroos, Wallabies, and other animals native to the Southern hemisphere. These images are set against a sea of multi-colours that will brighten up any project.

This fabric is one of the range carried that fall into the wide back category. These wide backs are, as the name suggests, wide, 108″ (243cm) wide, and generally used for backing quilts prior to putting on the longarm machine. However, that is not their only use.

At £18.00 per metre these quality, 108″ (243cm) wide fabrics offer extremely good value for money when used as part of your quilt top.

If you think, a standard quilting fabric is 44″ wide and costs around £14.00 per metre whilst the wide backs give you a piece of fabric which has an area approximately 2.45 times larger than the standard quilting fabric.

In monetary terms, this could be over £34.00 worth of fabric for £18.00!

All our wide backs and there are over 25 now are 100% cotton and are of the highest quality as you would expect from this establishment.


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