LongArm Quilting

Here is the latest quilt Alan has done for a client (the first one of 5 – not for the same client!). This quilt must have travelled the furthest distance so far, coming all the way from Devon. Because of this all the discussion around the client’s requirements were either by post, email, or phone.

This was a slightly different commission to what we normally do as the client want us to make and attached both the borders and the binding, the only specification she had was that she wanted mitred corners and 5” border.

As the client had just the quilt top without binding/borders/wadding.  Consequently, she wanted us to provide the fabric for the borders/binding and the wadding.  After discussing possible colours with her we sent her samples of border fabric, binding fabric and wadding for her to choose from.  There was also the question of what coloured thread she wished to use, again samples were sent.

She came back to us with her decision which were Muslin Mates Falling Snow for the Border, Robert Kaufman Fusions #3 Ruby for the binding and Shadows Wide White Grey for the backing.  For the thread she wanted red/blue to blend in with the top and something different for the backing.  Between us we decided on Aurifil Forty/3 wt 2890 Very Dark Grass Green for quilt top, Aurifil Forty/3 wt 3817 Marakesh for quilt backing.   Aurfil Forty wt 2260 Red Wine was used for binding.

Again when it came to chosing a pattern to quilt the client had said that she didn’t want the quilt to be hard she wanted it to be quite soft so she didn’t want to dense a pattern.  So we sent her some images of patterns we would recommend and she decided on Blossom E2E which was sized to fit her requirements for the quilt.

After squaring up the quilt and attaching the borders, the quilt was loaded onto the long arm machine and quilted with the chosen pattern.  The binding was then attached by machine to the front and hand stitched to the back matching the mitred corners with the border.

This client had told us that this was to be an heirloom quilt and so we were really pleased with how it turned out.

After sending the quilt back to the client she contacted to say how overwhelmed she was with the finished product, saying

“I’ve just taken delivery of my quilt and to say I’m totally overwhelmed at the result doesn’t even come close.  I’m almost tearful to see the result and your collaboration in my project is just perfect.   The long-distance planning has paid off, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you try this again.” Liz in Devon.

It was a pleasure to work on this (patch) work of art.  We hope you like the end result too.    If you have a quilt that you have just made or had in the cupboard for a while and would like it to be quilted, please contact us.

Longarm quilting.

Longarm Quilting at Alan Teather Quilting is done on a HQ Avante machine with a large 12-foot long Studio Frame affectionately called “The Beast”. We pride ourselves on friendly and helpful customer service with attention to detail./ Thus you can be assured of a first-class service with Alan Teather Quilting.

More information.

For more detailed information we would be pleased if you could go to our longarm quilting page.

Cot (upto 40″ x 40″) – £53.20
Small (up to 50″ x 60″) – £97.50
Lap (upto 60″ x 70″) – £125.00
Large Lap (up to 65″ x 80″) – £142.00
Single (up to 70″ x 90″) – £155.00
Large Single (up to 80″ x 95″) – £185.00
Double (up to 90″ x 100″) – £210.00
King Size (up to 95″ x 105″) – £224.00
Large King Size (up to 106″ x 110)” – £246.00

(all above prices approximate)


Binding – Machine Stitched on Top left for you to finish – £1.00 per linear foot plus the cost of fabric.
Machine stitched Top – Handstitched reverse – £2.20 per linear foot plus the cost of fabric.
Custom Binding such as flange/piped – £3.50 per linear foot plus the cost of fabric.
Squaring Top – £5.00
Repairs to Quilt Top – £5.00
Basting – £1.00 per linear ft, a minimum charge of £35.00
Custom Quilting – POA.

(all prices are approximate and subject to change)

It is always better to have a cup of tea and a chat whether in person or over the phone. Thus we can discuss your requirements for longarm quilting furthermore.

Silver dealers.

As silver dealers, Aurfil has said we are sole stockists in the UK and Europe of their Forty3. Aurifil’s Forty3 threads were introduced in 2017. It is a 40wt, 3ply thread made specifically to handle the rigor of today’s high-speed, high-tech Longarm machines.

The versatility and lustrous colour of the original 40wt is still there with the added benefit of extra strength. It is currently available in 68 colours and all in our shop.


As a rule, this thread is perfect for longarm quilting but is also a star for garment sewing, bag-making, and domestic machine sewing. Forty3 cotton threads are also used for Machine Embroidery, Quilting, Thread Painting, Decorative Stitching, Satin Stitching, Decorative Appliqué, Garment Sewing

Needle suggestions from Aurifil.

• 90/14 or 100/16 Topstitching Needle (50wt or 40wt in the bobbin)
• 4.0 or 4.5 Longarm Needle (50wt or 40wt in the bobbin)

68 Colours,  all available in our shop.
3280 yards – 3000 mt


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