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Sew Simple 60/40 BLACK wadding 94″ wide


60% dyed cotton and 40% polyester in black with scrim. Black Cotton Blend is great for machine quilting but also suitable for hand quilting and particularly good for quilting with dark fabrics. The cotton is ethically manufactured to the highest quality with UltraClean carding used to ensure the removal of any foreign particles which may tarnish finished quilts or damage sewing machine needles. 2-5% shrinkage when washed. Up to 10 inches between stitches.

96″ x 15m

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Black Wadding.

When you use wadding in your fabric quilt it is not just a simple way to add weight or warmth to a quilt. Many other factors play a part in a quilter’s choice. Environmental factors may, and do play a part in a quilter’s choice. Size is another choice you as a quilter have. Do you go for 120″ wide or 90″ wide and some joining tape for a larger quilt or will you get 2 quilts out of a wadding that is 120” wide?

Colour and shades.

A further choice is the colour of your wadding. Colour I hear you say? Yes, if you choose the colour of your wadding then this can have a dramatic effect on the final quilt.

In general, we all use a wadding that looks off white/cream in colour but what if you had a choice?

If your quilt is made up of many different colours then the off white or cream wadding is fine and dandy. On the other hand, if you have a quilt that is made from very light white, cream, or bright colours that “pop” such as golden yellows then your quilt top will look better if you use a bleached white wadding. This is because it helps the quilt top to show the true colours to our eyes.

Black wadding.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you have a quilt top made from predominantly dark colours such as blacks, purples, deep browns, and dark reds then you would be better off to use a black wadding. This, in the same vein, as the bleached white wadding “lifts” or “lightens” the light colours then a black wadding will deepen or darken the corresponding dark colours in your quilt top.

Coming soon.

Alan Teather quilting will be stocking a black sew simple wadding in the very near future. It is on backorder so you can order it now and when it comes in we will despatch it to you direct.


Sew Simple Black is a wadding for use in quilts with darker fabrics. It is an 80% cotton, 20% polyester mix. According to sew simple it maintains loft, needles wonderfully, and is colourfast. The approximate loft is 1/8″ with shrinkage of about 3%. The maximum distance between stitches is 4″ and it can be used for hand or machine quilting.

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