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Snowflakes on Ice Blue from Windham 108″ wideback


from Wishwell Studios for Windham

Also available on ice blue

108″ wide

100% cotton

Minimum order 1/2m

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This is a beautiful fabric from Windham Fabrics in America.  The quality is right up there with the best fabrics available in the quilting world.

This fabric is 108″ wide and can be used for anything in the sewing world.  It can be used for quilting, patchwork, curtains, and much more because wide backs don’t need to be used only for quilts.  Because wide backs are 108″ wide then a metre of a wide back is equal to approximately 2.45m of the standard 44″ fabrics that are commonly used in quilting.  Although these fabrics look more expensive than the typical 44″, because you get 2.45 times then the cost is really good.

We sell this fabric in Hartlepool in the Tees Valley area of the UK and it can be purchased very easily on our website.

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1/2m, 1m