Custom Quilts

We can make a quilt for you and to your specifications.

If you have a special project in mind where you want a quilt making for you then please contact us by telephone or email for initial discussions. Our telephone number is 07889480224 and email is

Quilts are special creations and pieces of art in their own right. They soon become heirlooms ready to invoke memories when seen and ready to be passed on down the family lines. We have a selection of quilts that we use on our bed. These are rotated around so we enjoy them all throughout the year.

One of these such quilts that we personally have is a handmade whole cloth “Durham Quilt” that was made in 1845 by a lady in the mining village of Easington in County Durham. This was given to us as a wedding present in 1987 and 30 odd years later we still use it and marvel at the quality of work done by candlelight over 174 years ago.