Workshops / Classes

Sadly these have been cancelled until further notice due to Covid 19.

We will post here all the upcoming classes and workshops that we will be offering.

At Alan Teather Quilting we want to help you get the most out of the Magical World of Quilting. As such we are planning several events, workshops, classes, drop-in sessions, independent sewing time, men only sessions and several different ‘Block of the Month’ pieces.

At Alan Teather Quilting we want to facilitate your enjoyment in quilting, and we will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

Alan is not a teacher; he has no teaching qualifications, but he does possess a degree in Contemporary Textiles and Products having returned to education after a short break of 40 years and a 15+ year history of quilting.  He also has an unbridled passion for quilting and hopefully that passion will shine through in a way that is helpful to you. Feedback is always listened to, and acted upon. It is only that way that Alan can grow this side of Alan Teather Quilting. As time goes on Alan Teather Quilting hope to expand into residential retreats and larger workshops with renowned quilting teachers from the UK and the world.

Our first class will be on Tuesday the 25th February 2020 in Unit 4. It will be a taster session for people who feel they are new to quilting.

Places are limited so please contact Alan on 07889480224 to secure your place.