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Olfa Rotary Cutters 28mm, 45mm, 60mm


Yoshio Okada, with Olfa invented the world’s first rotary cutter. It revolutionized how people cut fabric by switching them from using scissors to rolling a circular blade over the material. OLFA’s rotary cutters are used around the world today.

Whichever Olfa Rotary Cutter you choose, you can be assured of a long life and many, many cuts. 



45mm comfort handle



Compass cutters for cutting circles.




Olfa Rotary Cutters are in many different sizes and types of handle including dual-purpose and comfort. Over the years I have tried different versions of rotary cutters, but I have always returned to OLFA. For me, they have precision-engineered blades, ergonomic handles, and above all quality that has been a constant since 1979.

The four types of Olfa Rotary Cutters we have in stock are 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm. there are 45mm with an ergonomic comfort grip handle and retractable blades. There are also 2 types of Olfa Compass cutters. All the handles of an OLFA cutter are guaranteed for life, sadly, not so for the blades. Self-healing Olfa cutting mats are designed to work with your Olfa blades.

Both blades and mats will last a lot longer than when using a different branded cutting mat.

Interesting facts:

Do you know how much fabric gets cut in one rotation of your Olfa Rotary cutter?  Also, how many rotations would your blade make cutting a 50cm length of fabric?  Alan, being an anorak, decided to find out.

For a 28mm blade one rotation will cut 44mm of fabric

A 45mm blade will cut 71mm of fabric in one rotation

and for 60mm blade it will cut a massive 95mm in one rotation of a blade.

To cut a 50cm piece of fabric,

using a 28mm blade would take 11.36 rotations of your blade whilst using a 45mm blade would take 7.04 rotations of your blade.

To use a 60mm blade would take 5.26 rotations of your blade

So, the upshot of this is that with a Olfa Rotary Cutters,  60mm blade you can cut more fabric and save time by using the larger blade, but,


on cost per cut:

if you were to use:

a 60mm blade for 1000 cuts of 50cm it would be 0.05p per cut.

a 45mm blade for 1000 cuts of 5o cm would be 0.042p per cut.

a 28mm blade for 1000 cuts of 50cm would be 1.82p per cut.

Additional information


28mm, 45mm, 45mm retractable handle, 60mm


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