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Scandi Fabric Panels

This Scandi fabric circle panel is a must for your Christmas table. The panel has 8 motifs depicting 4 different scenes in a Christmas tree ornament design. With Christmas being a special time for many people the world over this Scandi fabric panel would make a wonderful table centrepiece or table runner.

With 8 scenes depicted in circular designs, 4 could be quilted in a square to be displayed as a centrepiece on your table in time for Christmas food. The remaining 4 panels could have a border of contrasting fabric added to form a larger-sized quilted individual placemat for 4 diners at your Christmas celebration meal.

You could also personalise each placemat with individual borders of contrasting fabrics that could even go with the personality of your erstwhile guests. Say, for instance, a nice tartan fabric if you have guests who are proud of their heritage or maybe a children’s Christmas fabric for the younger members of your family. Such ideas will be sure to impress your guests at the celebration feast.

Why not go even further by adding extra stitching decorations to make it a truly individual, but also a wonderful, company dinnertime table display?

If you plan to use these years on year then the idea of adding stitches to the panels could act similar to the age and height marks on the door jamb, where you can add some special detail to each placemat for each year.

Because there are 4 designs repeated twice you could of course use all 8 panels as placemats if you have a larger gathering for your fine Christmas fayre.

There is also the option of cutting the panel into 2 long strips down the middle to give you 2 long table runners that could also be quilted, with heat-resisting wadding, to act as a table display where you display your food in dishes for a hot buffet-style meal plan.

If your choice is to display a Christmas scene on a long sideboard for instance you could quilt 1 long half or alternatively sew both long versions together then quilt to reveal a long table runner of approximately 2 metres long without edging.




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