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Abra-Cat-Dabra Cat Panel


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Abra-Cat-Dabra Cat Panel really is a REAL stunner.

A mystical magical cat in a 36” panel will make a fantastic wall hanging.  Fabulous for a Halloween quilt, or wall hanging, you can accentuate the features with stitching around them with embroidery thread. You can also use the method of stuffed quilting also known as Trapunto quilting.


The panel is approximately 36 inches square in size. It depicts a large black cat with green eyes staring out of it into your soul. It has on its head a large, black conical-shaped witch’s hat with an orange ribbon on it. There is an orange underside to the Brim with the cat also has a green ribbon tied around its neck. Imagine this cat sitting on the rear of a witch’s (mother-in-law’s) broom ready to fly off into the night. Able to cause mayhem and cast spells on unsuspecting people who do not celebrate the season of Halloween. Halloween actually has its origins in the Christian church where All Hallow Souls are remembered.


The Abra-Cat-Dabra Cat Panel shows the cat sitting in front of a huge, golden-yellow moon. This is in a starry, blue-black night sky, with a cacophony of tree branches to each side of the cat. Various pumpkins of different fabrics make up the foreground where the silky smooth fur coat of the witch’s cat sits. The ground is made up of sumptuous colours of green, grass, and golden-hued ferns, twigs, and foliage.

They could be seen in a forest where an ugly old witch may live in a crooked old house. The witch would probably be slaving over a hot cauldron of liquids. The eye of a newt, skin of frogs, and the bones of a leprechaun would make a potion not of this world.  Used to cast spells that will render the unlucky soul to spend eternity in a dingy cellar. A slave, at the behest of the witch and her cat…