Longarm Quilting




We don’t just longarm patchwork quilts. As you can see this is not quite the usual type of item we receive. In fact, it is more of a bedspread which was the intended product.
This lovely fabric, which is Sanderson Curtain fabric, was brought to us by a lady who was making a bespoke bedspread for her newly decorated bedroom and wanted it quilting.
After much discussion regarding which pattern to use, and what thread to quilt it with, we agreed that she would have the leaf pattern you see here, but instead of it running horizontally edge to edge she would like it running vertically as leaves grow up.
The quilt/bedspread was going to go on her bed in a certain direction which was marked on the selvedge of the curtain fabric. So, to achieve the desired effect with the pattern, we had to turn the fabric round so that in effect it was still done as an edge to edge. When the quilt came off the machine and was the correct way up, the leaves would be running vertically.
When the lady collected her bedspread, she was absolutely thrilled to bits and is going to finish it off with edging and some tassels. She has promised to send us a photograph of the finished bedspread and we can’t wait to see it.



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