Long Arm Quilting

Finish your (patch) works of art

Alan, who will be doing the Longarm Quilting, will be humbled to quilt your ( patch) works of art.

At Alan Teather Quilting we have an HQ Avante 18” long arm quilting machine. We offer long arm quilting services to everyone and pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service.


Not everyone likes to finish off a quilt, especially large king-size ones by hand and that is perfectly fine. That is where we come in. We can offer a wide range of services to you, including repairs, squaring up, and Longarm quilting of your quilt tops to your chosen design. It is also our pleasure to make the binding to match your quilt top by hand which, once made, is attached to your finished quilt by machine, or hand to reverse. Our basting service is available if you wish to hand quilt your own quilt top.

Alan Teather Quilting can collect your work of art locally within 25 miles radius of postcode TS24 7AD.

Unfortunately, with no competition in the fuel industry and the fuel prices being so high, and the extra business insurance needed, we need to humbly ask for a donation to the fuel costs.

This will be added to the cost of your quilt invoice if needed.

You are more than welcome to book an appointment to visit our business at:

Unit 8,

The Bis,

13 – 17 Whitby Street (opposite the big car wash)


Tees Valley, TS24 7AD.

If you bring your quilt top with you where we can have a cuppa and discuss your requirements such as wadding, backing, design, choice of Aurifil 40/3 cotton threads et al. We are reliably informed that we are the first company in the UK and Europe to stock the whole range of 73 colours. We will also discuss a time frame for completion.


Of course, you may send us your (patch) work of art if you live further away. THIS WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED IF THERE IS DIALOGUE BETWEEN US FIRST. 

We have had anonymous parcels with the words, “do your magic” with no name or address. lol. We did eventually find out who it was owned by.

If you choose to send us your work and any other fabrics, rather than delivery in person or collection by us, then we do require that you use a signed-for-delivery method such as Royal Mail next day before 1 pm, to ensure safe and secure delivery. Please make sure that it IS signed for and not “left in a safe place” as there are NO safe places in The unit building. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of couriers.

If you wish to leave your quilt top only, then we can provide wadding, backing fabric, and binding fabric from the selection that we have in stock at extra cost. If you do choose to send us your own wadding or backing fabric could I humbly and respectfully ask that both will need to be at least 4 to 6 inches or 10 cm to 15 cm larger than your quilt top on all sides. QUILTS OVER 75″ IN ANY DIRECTION MUST HAVE 6″ OF BACKING FABRIC AND WADDING BIGGER THAN THE QUILT TOP. Extra fabric is needed to facilitate loading onto the longarm machine. Also, when you are providing your own backing fabric could I humbly ask that please make sure the edges of your backing fabric are square? If you are buying from a specific project from another fabric shop, please let them know that you need the extra 4″ – 6″ and also ask them to cut the fabric with a straight edge, preferably with a rotary cutter. Some recent backing fabrics that have been left with us, are like the proverbial ‘donkey’s hind leg’. By the time this is rectified, some backing pieces are 3″ shorter than anticipated.

Size Matters

Unfortunately, we have had a number of quilts recently that are just the bare size of the quilt top, despite asking for the extra fabric. This takes us a long time to rectify and just means that it takes much longer to facilitate loading onto the longarm machine. In some cases, it has taken a whole 12-hour day. Because of this extra time needed, it is now unfortunate that we will need to ask for an extra charge of £40. Therefore it is in all our interests to have the extra fabric and wadding. We will also return all excess wadding and fabric for you to use in your next project.

Leaving fabric layers separate.

Please DO NOT fix the three layers together. We need to load each layer separately onto the machine.

Costs will vary as each Longarm quilting of your quilt top is an individual, bespoken artistic endeavour, and as such, you, the creator, and the quilt top deserve personal attention. We also need to see the finished top before we can give you an accurate cost. Please see details below for a general guide to costs only. We don’t need to take a deposit for the simple reason that we have your quilt and unfortunately you don’t get it back until it’s paid for.

We will always keep you up to date with everything to do with your works of art. This includes emails and text messages to let you know when your quilt is ready to pick up. We do have to stipulate that your quilt must be collected within 6 weeks of us notifying you of it’s completion, unless we have made arrangements with you personally beforehand. Any quilt not collected after this time will need to be sold or raffled to recoup our costs.

We have also been informed by Aurifil that we are now the sole stockists in the UK and Europe of their newest thread Forty3 cones which is a 40wt 3-ply thread made for the rigours of today’s high-speed long arm machines. More information in the Long Arm section of our shop.


The prices displayed below for Longarm quilting design sizes are a rough guide only. Your quilt might fall in between these sizes so we will give you a final price when we see the top of the quilt. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss prices etc. All prices are approximates.

COT (up to 40” x 40”)       

SMALL (up to 50” x 60”)    

LAP (up to 60” x 70”)              

LARGE LAP (up to 65” x 80”)   

SINGLE (up to 70” x 90”)         

LARGE SINGLE (up to 80” x 95”)   

DOUBLE (up to 90” x 100”)   

KING (up to 95” x 105”)       

LARGE KING (up to 106” x 110”)        

XL (up to 120” x 120”)     












The prices displayed below for Longarm quilting design sizes are a rough guide only. Your quilt might fall in between these sizes so we will give you a final price when we see the top of the quilt. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss prices etc. All prices are approximates.

COT (up to 40” x 40”)


SMALL (up to 50” x 60”)


LAP (up to 60” x 70”)


LARGE LAP (up to 65” x 80”)


SINGLE (up to 70” x 90”)


LARGE SINGLE (up to 80” x 95”)


DOUBLE (up to 90” x 100”


KING (up to 95” x 105”)


LARGE KING (up to 106” x 110”)


XL (up to 120” x 120”)


Additional Services

Making binding £0.85 per linear ft + cost of fabric

Binding – Machine stitched on top only, for you to finish £1.60 per linear ft

Machine stitched to the top – hand stitched reverse £3.00 per linear ft

Squaring Top £10.00

Repairs to quilt top £10.00

Basting 1.75p per square inch, a minimum charge of £60.00

It is always better to have a cup of tea and a chat, whether in person or over the phone so we can discuss your requirements.

By commissioning Alan Teather Quilting to longarm your quilt, we assume you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.

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