Hand Sewing Needles

Hand Sewing Needles.

Up until now, Alan Teather Quilting has only stocked Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles.  However, we have had a few enquiries about supplying hand sewing needles.  As we truly listen to our customers, we now stock a range of hand sewing needles. This range of needles consists of individual packs of 9 needles, per type.

These types consist of:

Short Darners size 6/8,

Crewels size 8/10,

Sharps size 7/9

Betweens size 5/7.

The company we decided to go with is called Pony.  Pony needles are well known, not only for their strength, smoothness, perfect points, and superior performance.  Besides this, Pony also offers the largest available range of hand sewing needles.  Thus, at this moment in time, Alan Teather Quilting have got a range of 4 needle packs as outlined above.  We plan to increase the range of needles with each subsequent order.

Incidentally, hand sewing needles by  Pony are apart from other needle manufacturers.  Pony make their needles to original needle wire diameters.  In brief, they are always an authentic size.

Each of the Pony needles in this range has a band of colour added to the needle shaft.  Consequently, making it easy to see how long the stitch should be.

As a result, stitches are evenly spaced and of a consistent length. To people like Alan, who is technically minded and OCD, this appeals to him.

Why not try a pack and see what you think? See if your stitches become more regular and then let us know your opinion.  At the end of the day, it’s a needle and a ‘darn’ fine one at that.

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