Robert Kaufman


Robert Kaufman born in 1899, emigrated from Russia settling in New York, eager to create a future for his family.

The stock market crashed in 1929, leading to the demise of his company. However, Robert persevered and in 1942, he set in motion the company that exists today.

In 1944, the family relocated to Los Angeles. Even though Robert restarted his business from scratch, it flourished.

The early 1950’s, left Robert unable to run the company.  So, in 1955, two of his sons joined him. This led to the creation of a fabric named “Windjammer.” The youngest brother joined the company in 1963. With Robert’s three sons now running the expanding company they acted as the national sales team. Consequently, a nationwide sales force was established. They continued to expand their line of fabrics, and in the mid-1970’s, 100% cotton prints were introduced.

Robert Kaufman Co, Inc. are converters of quilting fabrics and textiles for retailers and manufacturers. Robert Kaufman is a fabric supplier to many industries.

At Alan Teather Quilting we stock a range of Robert Kaufman fabrics such as Cozy Cotton Flannel and Cuddly Crew Flannel.  These are ideal for children’s blankets, bath towels or playmats, but are not suitable for nightwear.

Furthermore, we have a range of Fusion fabrics which are very popular.

Along with these, we have some quirky fabrics such as Area 51 and many more.

Especially popular is the Guilded Blooms which we have on our website but is not available anymore from Robert Kaufman

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