PLEASE NOTE THE CLASSES ARE UP 1.5 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. The stairs are Edwardian so they are wide and with a gentle slope.  If you have any questions regarding this then please pop in and you can look at the stairs. If necessary we can make arrangements to do sessions on the ground floor, but these would have to be on a Sunday or Monday when the shop is closed.


Workshops and events are mainly held during the daytime. The frustration is totally understandable as we work during the day. With this in mind, we will, therefore, be offering events to suit as many people as we can. If that means being open at midnight, then we will. The only proviso to this is that there is a minimum of 5 people who have paid in advance. If you and some friends want to quilt at midnight, then so it shall be.

Opening hours

Of course, if YOU want us open at a different time please just ring 07889480224 and if possible, we will open the shop especially for you. If your shift patterns mean you want to come and have a look at 02:00 hrs then I will be here for you.

Drop-in sessions.

We also offer a drop-in session where you can pop in for a cup of tea and a chat whilst doing some stitching. Bring your own project or use one of our patterns. Currently, the drop-in session is on a Tuesday between 11: 00 and 15:00 hrs. If you have a different preferred time and day for a drop-in session please contact me and I will arrange a different session for you.

These drop-in sessions will cost £7.50 per session. You can do whatever in these drop-in sessions and each session will last approx 4 hours but there are no ‘quilt police here.’  If you make any purchase of £40 or more from us, then these drop-in sessions are free. These drop-in’s, like every other event held at ATQ will be held in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.


When we arrange our workshops payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

As of August 2021, we have 1 Benina 330 sewing machine. I know how my Bernina works, the same as you do with your machine. As there will be 5 maximum in the class, sharing one machine is not practical.  Therefore, you are more than welcome to bring your own sewing machine to classes, events, and drop-ins if you wish.


We plan to offer 2 taster sessions. These are individual in their own right but one will lead on from the other if you wish. The general idea of this event will be aimed at the very novice to the world of Quilting. You might have seen the advert for making a Peter Rabbit quilt in 90 weeks on TV recently. You may have seen an article about quilting and think, yes, I would like to know about that. If that is you, then the Taster session 1 will be magic.

What we offer.

We plan to give you a brief History of Quilts – They started in Egypt then to Europe, the UK, and like many good things they were exported to the USA.

A brief explanation of tools and equipment and their purpose.

The warp, weft and bias of material.

A brief safety talk/housekeeping.

Once everything has been explained, INCLUDING SAFETY, you can have plenty of practice cutting & stitching by machine and hand. The material will be provided from my stash / scrap boxes.

Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits.

You would take away with you a finished piece of work.

This taster session 1 would cost £15 and last for up to 2 hours.

Sessions will be run at a time to suit you. We feel we can accommodate 5 people safely in our COVID secure premises. We also offer 1 on 1 sessions. If you would like an individual starter session then please contact us to arrange this.

Taster session 2

This would be a follow-up session to the first with more advanced cutting techniques using different rulers and templates. If you were on the first session you can continue to practice with your cutting and stitching with no pressure. You can use material provided or go straight into the posh fabric and make a product to take home. Any products, fabric, tools, wadding etc bought at ANY session or class will attract a 10% discount on the day.

If you do not get the item finished, you can always finish it at home or in one of our drop-in sessions.

Plenty of tea, coffee, and fruit teas.

The follow-up session 2 will cost £15.00 or £20.00 which includes a ½ metre of premium fabric of your choice.

EACH session is totally individual, so you do not have to come to both if you do not wish to.  Every session is built totally around what you want to learn.


We know that it is not only women that like to sew and have a natter. We know that men do too, Alan is a testament to that.  Any men who feel they would like a workshop and learn to sew/quilt, come to us. We will be looking to do a men-only session. This will depend on what interest is out there.

If you’re interested in a men-only session, please contact us on email or ring 07889480224 and let us know. We also offer the same 1 on 1 starter course that is on general off as above.

Stitch and Bitch.

The format will be very loosely based on our other quilting/stitching class. These will be called our stitch and bitch sessions. They will be a free for all where men can do, learn, enjoy, talk about quilting. It will also be somewhere they can feel free to be in a non-judgemental group of men from all backgrounds. Honesty, fears, wishes and more can be expressed without fear or favour.

What is said in Stitch and Bitch stays in Stitch and Bitch unless there are protection issues which will be reported to the authorities. If required men can be signposted to other help groups with permission.


The Workshop sessions and events that we are planning for Alan Teather Quilting are going to be fun and enjoyable. I have no formal teaching or teacher training qualifications so not a lot will be structured, but it will be fun.

If you  always wanted to “have a go” at quilting, or just want to get out of the house for a few hours, then you will be given a warm welcome at Alan Teather Quilting. It takes time and perseverance to make a full, king size bed quilt. Before that, you might want to make a simple pot stand, a placemat, a pincushion, or maybe a quilted panel. Follow on sessions can be arranged as our drop-in sessions. You do not need to bring any equipment with you, just yourself.

There will be an ongoing supply of coffee, Ringtons teas, including fruit teas and, of course, Rington’s biscuits AND CAKE WHEN POSSIBLE, or if you prefer you can bring your own drink.  For full day sessions you will need to bring a packed lunch.

As well as refreshments, there will be 10 % discount off all products bought on the day. The discount is restricted to attendees of the planned sessions only as a thank you for attending. Places are, at the moment, limited to 5.


Prices will vary depending on workshop, tutor and material costs etc.

During 2021 we plan to be holding regular 1 day, workshops on a range of techniques that may be of interest to you good people.

Alan Teather Quilting is all about FUN. Some tentative ideas being formed include:

A SPOOKTACULAR 6-hour quilting session between 21:00 hrs and 03:00 hrs over the bewitching hour for Halloween (Taxis home provided).

Birthday party quilting sessions. Quilt for as long as you and friends want.

Quilt till you drop… have you tried quilting for 24 hours in one go? You haven’t? then this one is for you. Food drink and matchsticks to keep the eyelids open will be provided.

Speed quilting. How fast can you cut, sew and finish a quilt top in?

Improv quilting.

As the title says it’s is improvisation quilting.  Anything goes watch here for more details.

Evening events.

There will be evening classes available between 5.00pm and 7.00 pm or hours to suit you. If you want to quilt between 8.00 pm and 12 midnight, then so long as there are 6 fellow quilters or friends in attendance at each event then we will be here for you… These friendly sessions will be the same as the day and early evening sessions but catered for those dedicated people who choose to do things at a different time to others. Parents who like to sing songs to their children or read books before bedtime, shift workers and many more cannot always get to sessions at 17:00hrs.

If there are no taught sessions on then you are free to bring your own, new project, continue working on a started project, or just chill out and gossip with like-minded, friendly stitchers.

IF YOU DO bring your own sewing machine please be assured that only you will use that machine if you so wish. I am precious about my Benina 330 and even my wife does not even move it so I know where you might be coming from.



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